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Reselling is the best way to get into the web-hosting business for a company that doesn't have the infrastructure needed for running a big hosting operation.

ETP resellers program has 2 advantages:

1. you get big discounts from us, so you can make a profit by reselling to your customers.
2. everything is transparent to your customers. You can get your own nameserver, and all the registrations will be done under your company's name.

When your company is ready, you can take that extra step, and get you own dedicated machine. This way you have full control over your customers.

Just contact us at You won't be sorry.

hosting, gazduire etp romania
hosting jobs Want to come and work for us?
You'll need only 2 things.
1. Internet experience
2. Willingness to earn money.

If you got those 2 things, send us a CV at
hosting, gazduire etp romania
hosting partnership We only do hosting. Our main goal is to build a hosting company that can rival with any big name in the business. If you have some ideas, please share.

But let's keep it hosting related, shall we?

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