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Our servers aren't just fast.
They are stable. Stability comes from using ONLY intel-powered servers. And we mean servers. Not computers built by some obscure hardware company.

Slackware Linux or FreeBSD.
No, we don't have Windows. Even our workstations are running Linux.
Included in the SO are the latest, stable packages of:
Apache, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, qmail.
All the needed extensions are installed. You can use GD, ImageMagik, PERL, Ming, Python.

Fiber optics. Need we say more? Oh yeah, with backups.

hosting, gazduire etp romania
uptime guaranteed We're not advertising our uptime.
Why? Simple. Webhosting is our business. Downtimes means no business.
If you don't believe us, check the chapter in the contract. You get a refund for any un-announced downtime.
hosting, gazduire etp romania
trusted host Trust us with your websites. Your needs will be met like in no other case.

Your business can grow with us.

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